Power-400 is the brand name of tobacco boxes manufactured by CPPL for packing 200 kgs. of leaf tobacco. The construction and specification of the box comparable with international standards.

             CPPL has 75% of market share of tobacco boxes in India. ITC Limited – ILTD Division, Godfrey Phillips India and all major tobacco exporters in India use CPPL Power-400 boxes for exporting their tobacco.

             Power-400 tobacco boxes are make with high compression strength, high bursting strength and high tear-resistant Kraft liners imported from Europe and USA.

General International Standards of Tobacco Box.

Capacity 200 kgs leaf tobacco
Type Full telescopic with bottom & top
Ply 5 ply
Flute profile A/A or A/C
5 ply wall thickness 9.0 mm to 9.4 mm
Combined compression strength (BCT) 45kn + /- 10%
Edge crush test (ECT) 27.5 kn/m + /- 10%
Bursting strength 45 kgs / sq. cm. (600 psi)
Cobb value 30 to 35 g/sq.m. (2 minutes)